Are you a parent looking for a personalized, unique, creativity-and-play-based education for your scholar?

Is it your heart’s desire to homeschool, but you are a working parent or just know you need the support to make it happen?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, our full-time program may be right for your family.

Our full-time program, also known as The Prodigy Academy, is designed for scholars who are curious, innovative, cooperative, and would thrive in a structured, play-based environment. This program requires the completion of an application and entrance interview.

Academy classes meet Monday-Friday 8:00 AM- 3:00 PM with the option to add after school program for an additional tuition cost and registration fee.

What is my role as the parent?

With any family enrolled in part-time or full-time programs at Prodigy, the parent is recognized as the director of their scholar’s education and primary expert of their scholar.

Parents are asked to meet with their scholar’s teacher approximately every 6 weeks, to track their scholar’s progress and to be involved in making academic decisions for your individual scholar.

All parents with children participating in Prodigy Academy classes are required to volunteer 2 hours a month in the classroom. Failure to make this a priority may result in a fee or your scholar being released from the program. Parent collaboration is essential to the success of this program and is necessary for the establishment of classroom culture and community.

Academy Classes

The Prodigy Academy includes the following classes: Minis (generally preschool aged children ages 1-5), Primary (generally grades K-1), Post-Primary (generally grades 2-3), Comprehensive (generally grades 4-5), and Leadership Cohort (generally grades 6-8).

A detailed scope and sequence will be provided to each family participating in this course to ensure complete understanding of the depth and trajectory of each class upon enrollment. Also, this class is intended to cover the course of 2 school years. The progress and process of each student will be unique to them based on assessment, parent collaboration, and instructor expertise.

The Minis Class focuses on the following skills:

  • Respect and Ethics: Enforcing behaviors that take other people into account
  • Leadership & Responsibility: Providing opportunities for choice and self-affirmation
  • Gentle exposure to early literacy and numeracy through play and exploration

The Primary Class focuses on the following skills:

  • Physical, Social, and Character Development: Enhancing the personal well-being of the child
  • Respect & Ethics: Enforcing behaviors that take other people into account
  • Leadership & Responsibility: Increasing individual autonomy
  • Exposure to early literacy and numeracy through play, exploration, both group and individualized instruction

The Post-Primary Class focuses on the following skills:

  • Language & Communication
  • Cooperation Mathematics
  • Ethics
  • Exploring through the Scientific Method
  • Physical Development
  • Arts & Culture

The Comprehensive Class focuses on the following skills:

  • Complex Problem Solving Literacy & Writing Environmental and Natural Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Complex Numeracy
  • Social interaction & Character Development

Technology:  We strive to blend technology into the day as a natural extension of learning. Classrooms may be equipped with tablets and computers all under the direction of the teacher. Scholar K-8 may complete a course offered by the Florida Virtual School (FLVS). 

Next Steps

Complete our New Scholar Application.

Upon submission of application, we will contact you to schedule a trial day (includes a fee) for your scholar, as well as a family interview.

Space is very limited and scholar selection will be carefully decided based on the scholar’s ability to learn kindly and collaboratively with their peers, as well as have a strong work ethic and desire to progress in their abilities.

Upon acceptance, an annual registration fee is required to be paid in full to officially secure your scholar’s spot.

How to Enroll:

To enroll your child in our homeschool program, please complete and the submit the following form: