Prodigy Kids Publishing

At Prodigy Academy, we believe in nurturing creativity and empowering our students to achieve extraordinary milestones.

What began as a simple end-of-the-year writing assignment has blossomed into a remarkable journey—our students are now published authors!

Each student has completed process of authoring a book.

From brainstorming ideas to proofreading, publishing, and even marketing their creations, our young authors have shown remarkable dedication and talent. 

Our director, Megan Allen, has published her NEW Reading workbook! Click to buy your copy TODAY!

We are incredibly proud of their achievements and excited to share their work with the world.

You can find each student’s book below as they become available for purchase.

Just click the photo and you will be taken directly to each individual Amazon listing.

 By purchasing their books, you not only support their hard work but also help these #SuperiorScholar gain the recognition they deserve.

Thank you for being part of this incredible adventure!