Our Story

For over five years, our director has worked tirelessly with her own children and others to find a way to enhance childhood education. She has made many changes that have ultimately led us to the level of consistent success that is being achieved currently. Our greatest desire is to see the young scholars of our community excel beyond the standards of the bare minimum of state requirements. We believe there is greatness in all our children and are willing to do whatever is necessary to push it out of them.

Over the past five years, we have observed great things happening in the minds, personalities, characters, and self-esteem of the young scholars of Prodigy Academy.

The academic growth was amazing to say the least. The greatest experience we received was seeing how much pride our scholars developed in their work and effort by simply being taught and challenged in new areas of academia that allowed them to see their potential.

Since then we have had a tremendous amount of positive feedback and results from these same children. Moreover, we have seen the frustration of the parent dissipate and transform into smiles of appreciation and excitement.

Prodigy Academy is the next step in the evolution of education and child development. With a keen focus on the “whole” scholar, the focus is not only on education but equally as important, personal development.  Every scholar is instilled with a sense of self worth and pride. This translates into their core values as individuals, builds self esteem, and ultimately promotes great work ethic and academic achievements.  

Every scholar is urged to be the greatest version of themselves; and not only that, but to daily improve on the foundation of who they believe they are. No child is exactly like another, therefore, there is no “standard” of academic progress. Some scholars may need a little more help than others, and that’s ok.  Since Prodigy Academy is a homeschool environment, we capitalize on the educational structure of sibling nature. We push the older scholars to their greatest potential in a very careful manner, knowing that we are being watched by the younger scholars. Inevitably the younger learn the value of hard work and success through the praise that is given to the older scholars for achievements as well as to themselves.

Our Vision

Is to provide a supportive community while encouraging individuality, challenging the intellect and igniting a lifelong passion for learning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality academic support and empower scholars to become independent, self-confident, and efficient learners.